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EP Review: Catalytic- The Fall (Part One)

Alright Catalytic fans, the highly anticipated follow-up to The Voice of Reason is here! It’s been a few years since their debut album was released, but they have been hard at work in order to ascend to the next level. Catalytic announced The Fall/The Rise double concept albums earlier this year, and plan on releasing them digitally in the form of four EP’s. There will also be a limited CD release that will contain the full versions of the albums. The standard in the music world is to release a full-length, but they wanted to be a bit more creative, and it’s a risk that I believe will pay off for them in the long run. This collection of songs proves that Catalytic has what it takes to go above and beyond your typical metal band.

Catalytic is best described as a Melodic Metal band. Influentially, they are propelled by bands such as Killswitch Engage, In Flames (New Era), and other bands similar in nature. That being said, they remain consistent enough to differentiate themselves, and they are beginning to evolve into their own being. It’s very easy for bands to get lost in their own genres, and I honestly believe that timing will play a huge role in the success of Catalytic. They have the talent and the drive to prevail, and The Fall is the first step in defining who they are as an entity.

The Fall is both familiar and new, and it’s just long enough to leave you satisfied until the next release. The EP begins with a re-recorded single called, “Dreaming of Memories.” The new version of the song feels complete and would be considered its final form. The second track, “The Oppression,” is probably the EP’s most brutal track, as it has guttural vocals at times and provides an ominous, but melodic vibe. The next track, “At The Gates,” is sort of an ambient lead up to one of the highlights of the EP, “Sanctuary.” Together they create a progressive and technically articulate combination, and it’s one of my favorites from The Fall. The EP ends with the first single, “Bottom Feeder.” The track features memorable vocal lines and impressive guitar work that leads to a fitting end of a fantastic release.

In conclusion, Catalytic’s new release is impressive, and it just feels right. The artwork is beautiful and the production of the EP is nicely done. This is exactly what I expected from them, and they did not disappoint. The Fall is a fusion of articulate progression and technical melodic backgrounds, coming together to become one of Indianapolis’s best releases of the year. The Fall is long enough to wet your beak until part two unleashes in the hopefully not too distant future.

Visit Catalytic’s Bandcamp Page to purchase Part One of The Fall.

Check out their Facebook Page here.

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