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Midwest Metal Chicks – What We Are and What We Love

Midwest Metal Chicks Indy Metal Shows

Music, more specifically heavy metal, is what brought about the existence of the Midwest Metal Chicks. It really just started with a friendship between two metalheads working together at Taco Bell. Soon we discovered our common love for the metal music scene and the adventure began.

We were both fans of a local band that’s no longer together called Threat Level. So a lot of the shows we attended were shows they were playing, but as we mingled we met new people, we saw new bands and our desire for more grew. So did our drive to share the new, up and coming bands we were so lucky to get a chance to see, and within five years or so we had found a great group of people, fellow metalheads and ladies who loved the metal scene like we did. We have been to shows down in Indy from the local bars to venues like the 5th Quarter Lounge and the Vogue Theater, and just recently ventured as far north as Pontiac, MI for Dirtfest. Individually, we have seen shows as far as Detroit, MI and Minot, ND. To date I honestly couldn’t say how many shows we have been to, but it is 100+ easily.

For us, the national bands are good. They put on some killer shows with thousands upon thousands of fans. Every one of them was once a local band at one point, though, and every fan, every share on social media, every piece of merch sold, every conversation spoken about them was another opportunity to gain another fan and more recognition. When it comes down to it, local bands, no matter where you live, are the heart and soul of the metal scene. They are the openers for the national headliners, and they put on the small personal shows at your local bars and venues.
Amongst all our mingling and years supporting the local metal scene the best thing we have discovered has been the people: the many individuals we now call friends and family. The metal community is an amazing group of people who can and will pull together to support each other and the bands that put it all out there for us. Our friends span from coast to coast and have even reached to other countries. None of it, the friendships we’ve developed, the very existence of the MWMC’s, would have been possible without Heavy Metal, the local metal scene and the amazing network of friends we’ve made. We wouldn’t even have been given the opportunity to start writing this column for all of you out there.

mwmc-groupSo the MWMC’s came about as an idea of what to call this fantastic group of chicks we found ourselves in, and before too long we had a Facebook page and we were putting our name out there to help support and promote the local musicians we enjoyed so much. While we do like many other genres of metal, it was solely Heavy Metal that brought us together. We are six metal chicks that have a deep passion and love for the local and national metal scene! And the Midwest Metal Chicks do not come from one sole location. We span across central Indiana. Going to shows, it didn’t take long to start meeting these wonderful metal chicks from Indianapolis, Kokomo and the Logansport area.

We have introduced our younger generation to metal as well in hopes of keeping the thriving Midwest metal scene alive. Our goal is to keep the metal scene alive and support it as much as possible, be it through spreading the word, going to shows, sharing events on social media, or buying the merch for ourselves and our kids.

That’s just a little summary on us, the Midwest Metal Chicks. We hope you enjoyed the read and look forward to meeting more new metalheads as our adventure continues. So next time you have the opportunity to go see some local metal, take it! You may run into us.

As always we’ll be KEEPING IT FUCKIN METAL!!

Connect with the Midwest Metal Chicks on Facebook here!

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