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Kyle Messick is a musician, artist, and psychologist who has always been passionate about the Indiana metal scene. He made a name in the local scene through booking shows, including the Indianapolis Deathfeast festivals that brought bands like Broken Hope, Morpheus Descends, Novembers Doom, Weekend Nachos, and Cardiac Arrest to the state. He has made album art and t-shirt designs for many Indiana metal bands, and he has written numerous research articles on metal music culture. He has an ongoing column called The Adventures of Indiana Man, where he reports his experiences of concerts in other countries from the perspective of a devoted Indiana metal fan.
Metal Culture

Underrated: Nineties Australian Death Metal

Kyle J. Messick
This article is available in video and text format.  Scroll down for text. There are many countries whose death metal scenes get constant and universal...
The Adventures of Indiana Man

Adventures of Indiana Man: Netherlands Deathfest with Intestine Baalism, Viscera Infest, and More!

Kyle J. Messick
As I finish up my final foreseeable year living abroad, I knew there was one event I didn’t want to miss: Netherlands Deathfest IV.  I...