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Live Review: Rise of the Loser Fest 2016

MantraThe third annual Rise of the Loser Fest took place in Muncie on August 12th and 13th. This was my first year attending and also my first time at venue the Water Bowl, which is a very cool place because they have swimming, fishing, and camping so it was a great choice for a family oriented show.

This is a very anticipated event in Muncie for the local music scene and it featured quite a few bands. Some bands I had seen before and others I hadn’t. As usual, though, I was excited for the chance to rock out and hear some awesome tunes and talk to some of the bands about their music.

Friday night Mantra kicked off the show about 11 pm. Even though it was late, the Mantra “mafia” was out in full force singing along and moshing with the band. They played a fair amount of stuff I had seen before and they also preformed “True Beauty,” their new song. The whole band puts so much energy into their show even people hanging towards the back get drawn in to listen. They are amazing to watch and I like them even more each time I see them.

Day two began with lots of rain and an awesome band out of Indianapolis called Whiskey Supercharger. Their sound was very unique. It was like blues mixed with metal. I was very impressed with their set. Jim Dismal, lead vocals, gets your attention fast with his deep voice and tall stature. They were also nice and brought a 24 pack of beer to share with the crowd. I am definitely going to catch them at another show soon.

Next up was a band from Muncie called For This We Exist. I had heard so much about them that I was front row for their set even before they were done setting up. They are a small band but very powerful. They are very soulful and I was swaying along even though I had never heard them before. All three of the band members are really talented and hope to catch them again soon.

Seven Circles DownThe next band was Seven Circles Down. These guys are from Anderson. I was surprised to learn this was only their third show. They are super heavy and Joey Gray was amazing on vocals. They were really good for being so new. They had great energy together and I was impressed with how excited the crowd was for them. They even got asked to do an encore and they played two extra songs. I will be watching for their next show and I think they are going to go far.

Cocaine Culture was next. They are a local Muncie band, but I hadn’t seen them before either. The first thing that caught my eye was that the lead singer Victoria Armstrong was dressed in a panda onesie. I thought that was cool since I usually attend concerts in a unicorn onesie. Their sound is very mellow. There was more singing then intense yelling, which was very enjoyable. They will be releasing their first album in a week and I’m looking forward to that.

Hell Came Home

The next band to hit the stage was Hell Came Home. They are from Muncie and I have attended numerous shows. These are five of the most talented guys that I have ever seen. Even though I have been to a lot of their shows, I still enjoy watching them because they put the same effort into every performance. They have a very unique sound that’s heavy and hard and grabs your attention really fast. The highlight of this show for me was their cover of Pantera’s “Drag the Waters.” They also closed out their set with their song called “Hell Came Home” which gets the audience involved because you are encouraged to sing along.

Losing September was the next band to hit the stage. They are very talented and moderately heavy. These guys get a special shout out because they helped organize the event and helped run sound and lighting. I had seen them a couple times already so I knew their set would be good and it was. I liked that they put on a good show even though I am sure they were exhausted from running the behind the scenes stuff.

Next up was Loose Screws. They are from Muncie, but they aren’t metal. They are a rap group, but often play on the same bill as metal bands. They have a very smooth style. It’s not hard rap it’s more like a smooth rap. They are a fun surprise to throw in the mix. They are also three of the nicest people you will ever meet. They are incredibly talented and super down to earth. If you get the chance to see them you should go.

It was all around an awesome festival. Good music, good food, and lots of fun. I enjoyed myself and will be here next year, hopefully with less rain. I want to give a shout out to Team Unity, Stuntman Mike, and Brand of Julez. I didn’t attend your sets, but I heard nothing but positive things. Please remember supporting local shows keeps music alive. The smaller the show the more it needs your support. Life would be nothing without music.

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